Address: Baoan District, Ho Linpokeng three Second Industrial District, Shenzhen
Traffic Guide

Car lines:

Line 1:From starting off in the direction, take State Road 107 to the Phoenix Terminal into Voeux Road, traveling to the "Societe Guangqi Honda shop" right turn "Nanpu Road", see Ace Industrial Park (left side) and turn right into the second of three oyster industrial zone, into the industrial area on the right after the fifth ridge.

Line 2:Dongguan Songgang, take State Road 107 interchange U-turn to travel to Phoenix songgang direction Voeux Road under the overpass to go directly to the "Societe Guangqi Honda shop" right turn "Nanpu Road," the follow-up line a reference to car lines.

Line 3:Traveling to Newbridge-speed turntable, turn "the eastern ring road", the eastern ring road has come to an end right onto State Road 107 straight direction (turn left to GS), see "Ace Industrial Park" (right hand side) left turn left into the oyster three second industrial zone.

Bus lines:

Passenger car to the manhole center, turn off the terminal 779 sit along the "Nanpu Road" front line about 300 meters to (get off at Nampo after road)

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