We SCS has very strong developing team. There are currently more than 30 engineers. Most of them have at least 10 years work experiences. With such rich designing experience, they are able to give rapid response and suggustion to customers. During the whole designing process, from the very beginning of developing to finished product introduction, we can timely and efficiently provide customers with satisfactory service.
We SCS have unique tooling workshop, including three mould departments: Stamping Die Mould , Die Casting Mould, Plastic Mould. No doubt about it, we have outstanding capacity of mould development and production, which enable them able to timely solve all kind of problems and at the same time, complete modification and adjustment of moulds.
For the hardware stamping, we can use different processing per products’ different requirements, which fasten the efficiency, better quality, and save cost for customers at the same time. To meet various demand of customer, there are screen print machine, automatic spraying equipment, automatic polishing machine, anodization equipment and so on.
In addition to adhering the advantage of low cost of die casting of zinc alloy, we SCS have guarantee of higher quality and more efficiency, complete and advanced equipments. We are capable to satisfy customers, from appearance effect, function, structure, to product efficiency.
Although Injection Mould Branch established only for 4 years, after the whole team effort and good cooperation, we already have a full range of productive technology of plastic products: tooling, manufacturing, inspection, injection, coating and screen printing, etc